At Home Baked LLC

At Home Baked Mixes Are:


- All Cold Water Hash Infused


- Strong


- Affordable


- Consistent


- Fresh



Approx: 1600mg Sativa dose and 1200mg Indica dose per box!


Dry medicated mixes for patients to make in their own homes.


* Improves maximum freshness and shelf life for your convenience and medicating needs.


* We strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible.


* The most delicious and potent edible on the market!


* Extremely reasonable price for all of those patients who are on a budget, but are still looking for potency and a delicious taste.


Pick Up our Indica and Sativa specific Brownie and Blondie Mixes at the locations listed. Feel free to call ahead and ask what they have in stock to be sure they have the mix you want on hand.

 As Seen on CBS Channel 4 Denver news